Gert Krabichler, Germany

Dr. Gert Krabichler holds a Diploma (MSc.) in Biology, a Diploma in Physics (MSc.), and a PhD in Physical Chemistry.
After 7 years in the diagnostic industry, he joined Roche’s Vitamins Division as Head Reg. Aff. and Scient. Communication for CEE, representing Roche in national and European industry associations. 
In cooperation with the EU Commission and several EU Member State bodies he developed a food legislation training program (1995/96) for the “not yet Candidate Member States” to facilitate the integration of these future Member States into the EU legal framework.
From 1999 as Head External Affairs of Roche Vitamins Europe (DSM NP), he was founding member of several national and European food supplement (FS) associations. Since the beginning in 2003 up to today he is vice-chair of the German BLL AK NEM.
From 2003 to 2010 as Chair of ERNA he was involved in the development of the risk management model for Vitamins and Minerals and in EU legislation impacting FS.
In 2010 he joined Merck Consumer Health as Head Global Reg. Aff. with focus on global regulatory developments.
In August 2017 he started the consultancy network Food-PharmaOTC Consult, which is focussing on strategic and regulatory advice in the borderline area of foods and OTC pharmaceuticals.
He is still representing Merck CH in the IADSA Company Council.